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Thyroid Problem
Difficulty losing weight
Low sex drive
Hot flashes
Night sweats
Mood swings(pms)
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Center For Hormone Therapy Can Help You!

We don’t just mask the symptoms. We use all natural bio-identical hormone restoration techniques to treat the cause directly and effectively: the way nature intended. After Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy, our clients are so thrilled to feel like themselves again. Their families thank us for helping bring back the person they remember.

Bioidentical Hormones – What Are They?

Aging is the continuous lowering of your hormone levels.  This can have a dramatic effect on your health for the rest of your life.  The natural hormone therapy that we use can actually restore you back to youthful levels.  Bioidentical hormones are exact copies of the hormones your body should still be making, but probably isn’t.  At the Center for Hormone Therapy we will run tests on you to check your hormone levels to see if you are low, and then plan a customized program designed specifically to raise your own levels to a healthy, youthful level.

Who needs Bioidentical Hormones or Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)?

The typical woman that benefits from BioIdentical Hormone Therapy is the woman that is going through menopause (including the hot flashes, night sweats, and insomnia that goes along with it), and also women who are suffering from issues like PMS, fatigue, insomnia, depression, low sex drive, mood swings, and a host of other symptoms that are due to low hormone levels.  We have seen many problems with the hormones of the past, and our goal is to get women off of the harmful hormones of the past, and onto the healthy hormones for the future.  Every woman is different in her hormone levels and general health, so every woman is treated as a individual, receiving an individualized program.

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Watch this informative ABC News Report featuring Dr. Robert Jones, one of the original Center for Hormone Therapy founders.

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