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Weight Loss Therapy
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Our protocol is based on the work of A. T. W. Simeons, a British physician whose weight-loss theory utilizes the pregnancy hormone, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin* (HCG) administered by self-injection. Combined with a strict diet and medical supervision, we have seen enormous success in those clients who have had multiple diet failures and are unable to lose weight despite a faithful exercise regimen.

Clients enrolling in the program attend a brief orientation where they learn that three types of fats are found in the human body. The first - structural fat - fills the gaps between organs and acts as a sort of packing material for the body. The second type is a normal reserve that the body draws upon when nutritional intake is less than what the body demands. The final type of fat is an abnormal and excessive accumulation from which the body seems largely unable to draw from. These fixed deposits throughout the body cause obesity.

By merely restricting one's diet or severely reducing caloric intake, the body typically consumes just the normal fat reserves and cannot access the abnormal accumulations. The face appears drawn and sallow. Weakness and profound fatigue set in. Headaches and a yearning for energy lead to irritability. Muscle wasting occurs, and a sickly appearance emerges. And yet... those defiant fat deposits remain! The use of the HCG hormone mobilizes abnormal fat deposits and makes those reserves available as an energy source. Then the body preferentially uses that circulating fat and doesn't scavenge functional tissue.

This is a truly unique approach to weight loss. It is not unusual for our clients to lose 1/2 to a full pound of weight a day. And there seems to be a "re-setting" of the fat thermostat that occurs over the course of the protocol. This doesn't mean you can go back willy nilly to unhealthy eating, but there does seem to be a metabolic change that takes place and a severely diminished desire to consume the same portions as before. "Things are just different," say our clients, after the program. We have had wonderful success with nearly a thousand clients. And most of them say that although it requires discipline, it is not a herculean task.

*The FDA has not approved HCG for use in weight loss.

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